Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Lord's Prayer (Revised)

Gracious Giver
Blessed be your many names
Allah, Brahma,  Adonai, God,
None of them your own proper title
But our human attempts to name unknowable You.

You who are the whole of life, the all-in-all,
Enable us to see beyond the illusion of separateness
To glimpse the unity of all beings
The perfection at creation’s core
The miracle of each person and every moment.

Teach us to live as though interdependence and mutuality
Were the laws that govern all existence,
As indeed they truly are.

Supply our necessities, and keep us from wanting what we cannot have.
Stir compassion toward our neighbors,
And free us from the prisons of anger and resentment.

Keep us safe from envy,
And deliver us from the inner demons
            Of hatred and ingratitude. 

But keep our minds and hearts centered in beauty,
Steady in the hands of justice of and mercy,
Trusting in You who are most trustworthy,
Source of goodness and reconciliation and love.