Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

We thank you God for potlucks
Where a multitude can cook
With ingredients and spices
That aren’t from just one book

From casseroles and dumplings
Hors d’oeurves and canapés
Puddings, sauces, pastas,
To sensational flambés.

How boring when there’s just one dish
Or flavor to fit all
How yummy and much more delish
When our feast’s a free-for-all.

Our faith is like a banquet too
With many forms of seasoning
Where Christians, Rastafarians and Jews
All do their separate reasoning

But all can share one table
Break bread and sit to eat
Enriched by our diversity
From pumpernickel to whole wheat.

So we are our own blessing
Our gratitude’s made real
When we as friends can feed and serve
Each other in life’s meal.