Thursday, March 31, 2011

It Can't Happen Here?

In my last posting, I pondered the possibility of bullets being used against U.S. protesters, as army and police have been called in action again peaceful demonstrators in the Middle East.  Here is an historic photo of the Memphis sanitation worker's strike of 1968, where garbage men picketed with signs inscribed "I Am A Man," walking in the shadow of armored personnel carriers and machine guns.  This is the strike that Martin Luther King, Jr. traveled to support, and where he was shot down by a bullet that was not military, but that according to the verdict of a Memphis jury in 1999 may have been fired with the help of other U.S. government agencies.  

Could the U.S. government turn against its own people, as in Yemen, Bahrain, Syria and other despotic regimes?  If the photo--or the jury verdict--are any indication, it's a real concern.

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Joel Monka said...

Google Kent State.