Friday, October 21, 2011

Boston Clergy Speak Out

As clergy and people of faith, we applaud the Occupiers in Boston and elsewhere who are reigniting American democracy from the grassroots. We join them in the vision of a society where all people enjoy a fair shake, with equitable access to education, healthcare, housing, and other basics necessary to achieve a dignified life. We are appalled that the nation's poverty rate today is higher than when Martin Luther King Jr. organized the "Poor People's March" back in 1968.

Dr. King inspired people of all races and classes to walk for "Jobs and Justice." The national Occupy movement asserts the same goals. These protests are occurring for a reason. In the more than four decades since King's death, middle-class incomes have stagnated, the jobless rate has soared, and the super-rich have managed to manipulate financial regulations and tax rates to claim an ever growing share of the nation's wealth. The richest 400 people in the country now have more assets than the poorest 150 million of their fellow citizens combined.

The vast majority of Americans--the 99% and many of the other 1%- --are angry when some of the biggest businesses in the country pay no taxes. We see banks that brought the country to the edge of economic ruin being bailed out with public money, while millions forfeit their homes in the mortgage meltdown these same banks created. We feel increasingly powerless when mammoth corporations, invested with all the rights of "persons" to spend limitless amounts of money in electoral politics, hand-tailor legislation to benefit shareholders and CEOs at the expense of citizens and workers.

Has Government "of the people, by the people, and for the people" now become government of, by, and for the specially privileged? In order to restore our democracy, ordinary people must rise up to restore control of their own lives and economic destiny. We call on all to join in supporting the Occupiers closest to you, logistically, politically, faithfully. Now is the time.

Rev. Dorothy Emerson
Rev. Gary Kowalski
Rev. Elaine Peresluha
(Your Signature Here?  We invite Unitarian Universalist clergy to sign on, send this statement to local papers and read it to your congregation sometime in the next month.)


Bill Baar said...

Obama's job advisor Jeffery Emelt's GE, just saw its profits up 57%. The culprit's Chicago style croney capitalism. The policy Obama's brought down upon the United States. Many UU's ought to re-examine what brought them to fall so hard for this ward heeler from Chicago.

Revolutionary Spirits said...

UU Clergy and Seminarians in Support:
Linda Simmons
John Burciaga
Michelle LaGrave
Anita Farber Robinson
Sheldon Bennet
Kelly Asprooth-Jackson
Sylvia Howe
David Pohl
Judy Deutsch
Rali Weaver
Megan Lynes
Susan Moran
Fred Small
Jory Agate
Marta Flanagan
Marilyn Richards
Kenneth Reeves
Jim Sherbloom
John Buehrens
Parisa Parsa
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Andrea Greenwood
Michelle Walsh
Mary Hnottavange-Telleen)
Maddie Sifantus
Molly Housh Gordon
Marjorie Matty
Clyde Grubbs
John Gibbons
Nathen Detering
Kathleen Hepler
Tricia Brennan
Frank Clarkson

Revolutionary Spirits said...

Frank Clarkson
Lara Hoke
More UU Clergy in Support:
Sara Gibb Millspaugh
Kelly Pickens
Richard Kellaway
Arthur McDonald
Frieda Gillespie
Sue Phillips
Peter Boullata
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